The Big Three: Ticks, Fleas, Lice

Posted by Ashley Burke on

Have you and your furry companion been out to the Lake or hiking in the mountains, camping in the forests, or traversing the worlds best outdoor, pet friendly arenas? Its possible your pet could have one of the big three when you get home from a day of adventuring.  Ticks, Fleas and Lice are not unheard of and once your furry friend has them, its time to take action. Your Go-To Veterinarian can offer a game plan for treating your pet with prescription medications and special topicals to combat infestation. Your local Pet Grooming Salon can offer shampoo treatments as well and help troubleshoot these pesty creatures. Lice and Fleas can be easily mistaken because they can be very similar looking. Regardless, the Big Three can carry some serious consequences if left untreated. Lime Disease is becoming more prevalent, especially here in Las Vegas. Fleas are not so common to this desert area, but if you are coming from out of state or from more seasonal climates, fleas can ride the coat of your pet for a long while. Lice is equally troublesome, as it needs Veterinarian treatment as soon as it is identified. Tapeworms can be transmitted by fleas, so make sure your furry friend is protected!

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